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Race For Life!

I signed up to the Race For Life last year but it rained buckets and was eventually cancelled. So this year Bee and I are Racing For Life around Regents Park in July together. Pretty please please please pretty please please sponsor me. I know it can be a little inconvenient to do, but please take three minutes to do it, and a few pennies from your purse. Whatever you can afford would make me so very very happy. And then you can feel that can't-beat-it warm snuggly glow for giving money to charity. Thank you!

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rosary on knees

I Shall Paint My Nails Red

because a bit of a colour is a public service

because I am proud of my hands.

because it will remind me I'm a woman.

because I will look like a survivor.

because I can admire them in traffic jams

because my daughter will say ugh.

because my lover will be surprised.

because it is quicker than dyeing my hair.

because it is a ten-minute moratorium.

because it is reversible.

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rosary on knees

POP # 8

An issue Of Sweetness

Do you remember when you lost your sense of innocence, discarded like an old sweater on the corner of a playing field in some long forgotten August? When making it and faking it became more important than trust and friendship? When 'sweet' started sounding like an insult? Now is the time to take a holiday from your cynicism. Drop those airs and graces. Walk into town; you might enjoy swinging down the street so fancy free. Tread barefoot through the grass and feel the sun on your hair. Climb trees - you'll be closer to the big, blue sky. Piss about by garages - that's where it's really happening. Take a trip back to adolescence, when things really meant something; when your moods were all swings and seesaws; when you could be botherered to be an angry young man, or woman. Stop worrying about being a stereotype - being an individual is just overrated attention-seeking and true eccentrcis never wear Day-Glo. Uniforms are good - they show up your subleties. You could never be normal anyway. So stop being so self-conscious....but don't forget who you are.
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rosary on knees

hello sailor

dream of falling asleep next to him with cotton against bare skin,,, mirah playing in the darkness accompanied by tea lights. i wear black & crimson ribbons & black woolen tights. i dream of books & tea, counting daisies, i say darling fuck you. i have a disliking for you kids the scenesters sorry but i do. emma forrest writes some of my favourite books. i like freckles on my nose & curls in my hair. blonde curls & hazel eyes. i think of hearts in eyes like in cartoons. i trace hipbones plus collarbones. i'm absolutely cuckoo plus ithinkimadeyouupinsidemyhead (so sylvia said). kisses in photobooths stuck to my wall. i adore les petits plaisirs like lemon on my lips. photo copies of man ray whilst listening to mixtapes. i wear more-turquoise-than-green cardigans & adore music for when the lights go out. i like my dainty wrists & trace the notches in your spine. i wait each month for nylon magazine. themes like obsession & rebellion, opposites & attraction often prevalent. i like lyrics like please me slow. i write poems on brown paper & copy poetry on bedroom walls. the needle on the record is my favourite sound. pretty not pretentious. chipped red nail paint plus red wine kisses. reinventing what i know to make it mine. i'm often thinking stop talking&kiss me. a super combination is suspenders & converse to wear to tea parties on tuesdays. ruby rose and poppy elizabeth. the repeat button is underated.

friends only

because it's simpler this way.

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