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POP # 8

An issue Of Sweetness

Do you remember when you lost your sense of innocence, discarded like an old sweater on the corner of a playing field in some long forgotten August? When making it and faking it became more important than trust and friendship? When 'sweet' started sounding like an insult? Now is the time to take a holiday from your cynicism. Drop those airs and graces. Walk into town; you might enjoy swinging down the street so fancy free. Tread barefoot through the grass and feel the sun on your hair. Climb trees - you'll be closer to the big, blue sky. Piss about by garages - that's where it's really happening. Take a trip back to adolescence, when things really meant something; when your moods were all swings and seesaws; when you could be botherered to be an angry young man, or woman. Stop worrying about being a stereotype - being an individual is just overrated attention-seeking and true eccentrcis never wear Day-Glo. Uniforms are good - they show up your subleties. You could never be normal anyway. So stop being so self-conscious....but don't forget who you are.
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